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Cellofaneermachine AW55-SRV

SwingPAT is a new concept of “one-step®”, a new way of interpreting a shrink-wrapper by creating a striking change in the aesthetics and the structural materials, thereby giving the machine an inimitable stylish appeal, but also implementing the qualitative and technological level of the entire machine, optimising the whole production process.

SwingPAT is the first packing machine in the world with a modular frame fully made of technopolymer, in Baydur®, a high-tech plastic material produced by the Company Bayer AG, equivalent to sheet metal in terms of thermal and mechanical features, but are able to offer the machine a number of technological “plus points”, first and foremost the extremely high degree of electrical insulation, the hardness of the surface, the chemical inertia, the perfect paintability, easy disposal, and so on. It is not a case thatSwing was awarded as the most innovative machine as concerns technology and working safety at the Salon de l'Emballage in Paris in 2006.


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  • Power supply:      

  • Maximum power required:

  • Overall dimensions L x W x H

  • Working plate height

  • Machine Weight

  • Sealing Area L x W

  • Impulse Sealing

  • Maximum product height

  • Maximum roll width

  • Hourly output


230 V - 1 Ph

3,5 kW

1250 x 800 x 640 mm

930 mm

75 kg

420 x 550 mm

bottom blade

230 mm

600 mm

200/400 pcs/h

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